About Us

Gerard F. Lynch

Attorney and Founder

Gerard Lynch went into the area of Social Security law after a close family member began suffering from a disability. Mr. Lynch realized that there was a need for disabled individuals to have a competent, empathetic, and devoted attorney on a disability case after he had personally experienced the process with his own family. After more than two decades of representing disabled people, Mr. Lynch continues to make a difference for disabled Texans.

Mr. Lynch graduated from South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas in 1985. He is the past President of the Houston Bar Association Social Security section and is a past speaker concerning social security topics. He graduated from high school in Central America. He speaks Spanish. He is licensed to practice law in the state of Texas.

Odilia Ponce

Odilia Ponce has over two decades experience helping disabled people with their applications for Social Security disability benefits. Ms. Ponce assists clients by helping them complete the application process and by collecting their medical records.

Clients often cite their very positive experience working with Ms. Ponce when recommending our office. She speaks Spanish.

Bryan LaVergne

After years of working in biomedical research laboratories, Bryan LaVergne uses his scientific medical experience to help disabled people. Mr. LaVergne works directly with clients to make sure they have the best chance at winning their disability benefits by focusing on the medical evidence in their case. He believes that emotional and legal support are critical for clients to make it through the complicated benefits application process.

Mr. LaVergne has a degree in Mathematical Biology from the University of Houston. He is a registered EDPNA with the Social Security Administration.

Jane Foreman

Jane Foreman not only helps clients win their disability benefits, but also assists disabled people in finding additional sources of financial and material assistance for clients. As a longtime caretaker for a disabled family member, Jane Foreman understands what it is like to live with a disability. They makes sure that clients receive all of the help they can get while they pursue their social security disability benefits.

Jane Foreman has a bachelors degree from Antioch College. They are a registered EDPNA with the Social Security Administration.